Eczema Case Study


The field tests reported here were carried out under informal conditions, using real people who were not paid for their participation in this field test program.

The ingredients in our products include ONLY ingredients that can be obtained over the counter (OTC) without a prescription.

Sam B’s eczema successfully treated with Bwell ingredients

Sam noted that he had this condition “for a few months,” and wondered if this might be a form of psoriasis, or more likely an eczema condition. The presumed eczema diagnosis was based on a comparison of Sam’s photos with photos (from the internet) of known cases of eczema.

Sam’s description of his eczema condition

  1. The lesions are recurring, quite highly correlated to my level of productivity. (This willbe a recurring theme—I live a high stress lifestyle—working long hours to the brink of burnout and then come back for more.) This started about 2 years ago although disappeared completely last year when I was between work contracts. It started on the heels of taking anti-biotics for an ear infection. They appear sporadically on my hands, feet and armpits.
  2. It does indeed peel off, I impatiently pick at it and peel it off before it naturally falls off.
  3. Medications: No topicals, just the oral antibiotics that lead into it. I saw a few doctors who diagnosed it first as insect bites, then another as a fungus. They both prescribed something, which I didn’t take.
  4. Itching routinely after heavy meals. Some pain when pressure applied. Heat sensitive.Puss leaks out after a while in some cases.
  5. The lesions vary in size, quite predictably along with my stress level.
  6. Locations: Feet—between toes, and armpits.
  7. Frequency: I predictably get sick when I have a little time off (last weekend, for example). I see it as my immune system takes a back seat as my adrenaline runs the show in my high stress lifestyle, once the latter goes away, the former picks up the pieces and tries to catch up.
  8. No history of skin allergies.


Bwell ingredients topical applications began on Day 0; 12/17/2010. The above photos were taken on Day 1, only one day after the first Bwell ingredients treatment.

Reduction in inflammation (redness), and the signs of healing were obvious only two days after Bwell ingredients treatment was begun.


Summary: Sam B’s eczema successfully treated with Bwell.

Sam noted that he had this eczema condition “for a few months.” Reduction in
inflammation (redness), and the signs of obvious after only two days of Ecoderm Kit ingredients treatment.

After only one week of Ecoderm Kit ingredients treatment followed by two weeks during which Bwell was not used.


The remarkable and dramatic improvement, shown above, resulted even though Sam had run out of Bwell ingredients after using it for 5 days (Week-1). The Bwell ingredients treatment was not possible during Week-2 and Week-3. The AFTER photo above was taken near the end of Week-3.

Contributing factors: Sam believes that rest during this three weeks was beneficial.

Conclusions after Week-3: Bwell treatment and rest resulted in a rapid recovery from the difficult eczema condition on the skin between his fingers and on his palm. After years of treatment, by several physicians, Sam was pleased to finally find some relief for his eczema condition.

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