Wound Care


Bwell topical antibiotic is based on a 5-year history of R&D carried out by Dr Chris Ayo Otiko. What was learned from those tests and recent R&D can now be used in this new formulation, called Bwell. A summary of results, from human and animal treatments, is given in the following pages.

Stemcell healing and FDA claims -- This document shows results which are believed to result from stem cell healing. Wounds and ulcers are shown which heal with virtually no scar tissue. The tissue regeneration is shown to be “new tissue” with skin color and hair regrowth which would not be possible, or expected, from normal healing. Results in this document show the best evidence for stem cell healing.

The manufacturer makes claims for this product as given in the FDA registration for this product. Research results and off-label use reported for this product are not to be interpreted as claims for this product that go beyond the claims made on the label for this product.

Bwell is the world’s only FDA-registered OTC product that is being used successfully in off-label applications in which the conversion of normal adult cells can be converted to adult stem cells to achieve accelerated stem cell healing using only a topical application (no surgery; no pills).

Bwell For minor cuts, scrapes and burns

White Paper for Physicians, describing off-label uses for Bwell

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