Bwell is more effective against MRSA


The purpose of this document is to report research results.


Think of the field tests reported here as informal (not clinical) tests. These tests were carried out under informal conditions. The ingredients in our tetracycline products include ONLY ingredients that can be obtained over the counter (OTC) without a prescription. In some cases (reported in this document), discoveries were made. This often happens when someone is given a medication without formal directions for use, except that it should be used only on the skin. Occasionally, the benefit of the remedy is found to be useful for conditions not previously anticipated. The Bwell formulations used in these tests were made available to the users at no cost. No product was offered for sale. No product was sold during these evaluations.

Bwell is not marketed as a treatment for MRSA or staph infections in the USA.

The reason for this is that the FDA has NOT approved tetracycline or Bwell for sale as a treatment for MRSA or staph infections. Nothing in this document (or any document or web site sponsored by ViaDerma) shall be interpreted as claiming or implying that our products are for sale in the USA for use as treatments for MRSA or staph infections.

The only way that any ViaDerma products, including Bwell, can be used for treatment of MRSA or staph infections is if a physician elects to do that, based on NO marketing or sales of our products for that purpose in the USA.

Bwell is more effective against MRSA and staph than against any other bacteria for which Bwell has been tested

For MRSA and staph bacteria, Bwell kills the bacteria over an area (ZOI) which is 22 to 23 times larger than the area (ZOA) where the Bwell is applied. This AMPLIFIED BIO- LOGICAL COVERAGE is desired because this special formulation carries the tetracycline deep into the skin when it is rubbed in.

Bwell attributes

  • Bwell is a very broad-spectrum topical antibiotic. It is an effective bacterial agent for every harmful bacteria for which test data has been acquired during all tests and evaluations.
  • Bwell is “skin colored” and is transparent when applied to the skin. The color is yellow-orange which blends well into the color of the skin -- and it absorbs readily into the skin. Minor precaution is needed to prevent staining of clothing if the area is not bandaged.

MRSA (head and neck) treated successfully

Note: Confidential and personal information was redacted before public access to this report was enabled.

Pam used Bwell to treat a staph infection on the neck, scalp and side of face

Pam, a 60-year-old female, turned to Bwell after using other antibiotics unsuccessfully. Before using Bwell, her physician prescribed clindamycin, doxycycline, keflex and other medications, but the staph infection persisted.

The diagnosis of her condition was “staph infection.”
The diagnosis was not explained as a MRSA infection, although a MRSA infection is suspected because the condition was resistant to other prescribed antibiotics.

The magnified view at the right shows the lesions on her scalp.
Because the condition involved both the scalp and the neck, allergies to soaps and shampoos were ruled out as the cause.




Improvement noted; bumps/lesions less prominent and less red (less inflamed)

Pam’s skin condition extended from her scalp down to her neck. This is a “difficult-to- cure” condition. The physician’s diagnosis was a bacterial infection. MRSA infection is suspected because the condition was resistant to other prescribed antibiotics. The magnified view below shows the lesions on her neck.
Report from Pam: “I am on my 3rd day of Vitastemuse. The good news is that my face has cleared significantly. My scalp too. However, I am still having a few new breakouts and I have run out of the Bwell. The improvement on my face is just terrific! I feel that this will do the job!!!! It is such a relief. I was very scared. Thank you so much. Blessings, Pam”

Successful MRSA treatment

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